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Adler MB250 review

In 1949 Adler was one of the first German marques to recommence production after the war. Right up to end of manufacture in 1957, it remained unapproachable as a maker of two strokes. Soon the touring Adler MB 250 was joined by the sporting 250 S, then by a racing version, the 250 RS with twin carburetors and swinging fork rear suspension instead of plungers. The Adler 250 RS motorcycle of 1954, still air cooled, developed 26 hp @ 7500 rpm, weighted 216 lb and was capable of more than 105 mph. Beginning in 1954, rider Hellmut Hallmeier perfected a water cooled 250 RS, whose highly successful racing career continued into the sixties. The last works RS Adlers ridden by Walter Vogel and Hellmut Hallmeier developed 39 hp at over 10000 rpm with a top speed of 125 mph. More specs and user manual of Adler MB 250 you can see in next overview.

Adler 250 MB moto

Adler MB 250 specifications:
Engine: Adler 247 cc (54 x 54mm) twin-cylinder two-stroke.
Flat-crown, diecast aluminium alloy pistons. Double row roller big end bearings; mainshaft supported by three roller bearings.
Separate cylinder barrels with detachable light-alloy cylinder heads.
Compression ratio: 5.7 to 1.
Bing 1/22 carburetter enclosed by quickly detachable alloy cover; rubber connection to air filter, with strangler, fed through intake silencer in rear mudguard.
Electrical Equipment: Bosch coil ignition, with 6-v. 6-a.h. battery in battery case on left of machine, charged by engine-speed dynamo fully enclosed in alloy engine case; compensated voltage control: Bosch 6 1/4-in. head lamp with double-filament main bulb; parking light; reflector adjusting switch; ignition warning light and neutral indicating light; tail lamp with stoplight; headlamp socket for external inspection lamp; electric horn built into battery case.
Gearbox and drive: Adler four-Speed Gearbox in the engine block, positive-stop rocking-pedal footchange; ratios, 6.3, 7.6, 10.5 and 19.26 to 1; primary drive by helical gears; final drive by 5/8 x 1/4-inch roller chain enclosed in pressed-steel case; Multi-plate, engine-speed clutch running in oil.
Double tubular brazed frame with great lateral rigidity with sidecar adapter.
Suspension: Leading bottom-link front fork, hydraulically damped.
Plunger-type rear springing, hydraulically damped and adjustable for load.
Tyres: 3.25 x 16in front and rear.
Full width drum brakes 180 mm front and rear.
Fuel tank: approx. 15 ltr, rubber mounted, with rubber knee grips
Toolbox: Lockable toolbox mounted on RHS rear frame. Tyre pump mounted on LHS rear frame.

Gross weight: 135 kg

Adler 250 MB moto
retro classic

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