AJS Model D

AJS model D review
The AJS motorcycle was launched in 1912, It had a 5 hp V-twin engine with a 2-speed gearbox, chain drive, kick start and sold for 60 guineas. In that year sales again greatly increased and the future looked very good. In 1913 the model A was discontinued and the model B updated. The alterations included a 3-speed gearbox and enclosed chain drive. The AJS model D moto was given a 6h.p. V-twin engine and a sidecar version was introduced.

AJS Model D

The sidecar version of the model D proved so popular that the company could not keep up with the demand and many delays led to a lot of impatient customers. Orders also poured in for the 2.75 hp sports machine following its success at the TT. It was essential to increase production, but in order to achieve this additional finance would be required, and so a new public company was formed.

AJS motorcycles

A new feature on all 1915 models was the so called AJS scientific frame with straight top tube sloping from head to seat lug, eleminating the use of bent tubes. Brampton patent spring forks were used on the model D; it also features a state-of-the-art three speed countershaft gearbox and internal expanding rear brake. Note the American Splitdorf magneto, a feature found on many World War I British machines due to the non-availability of Bosch magnetos. More specs and user manual of AJS Model D you can see in next overview.

AJS motorcycles
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