Aprilia ETV1000 CAPONORD

Aprilia ETV1000 review

The full embodiment of the concept of a tourist motorcycle from Aprilia, is concentrated in Aprilia ETV1000 CAPONORD motorcycle. A city, impassability, and tourism, it for what it is created CAPONORD. CAPONORD has V-figurative engine from sports motorcycle Aprilia which has perfectly recommended itself for long years in the severe constraints.
CAPONORD guarantees huge pleasure against a trip, and this pleasure can be divided completely as to one, and on a trip with the passenger, even when your motorcycle is completely loaded by luggage. Aprilia ETV CAPONORD allows you to move forward under any conditions, thanks to excellent aerodynamic protection and full predictability in steering, even when the normal road comes to an end.

Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD

Company intention at designing CAPONORD consisted in designing a motorcycle capable to reception of the maximum performance data, in aggregate with excellent steering and the higher comfort and safety level.

Style ETV 1000 CAPONORD - fine joint between functionality and appearance: so for example in the metre panel base there is a block of safety locks, and the special protective anodized aluminium mouldings on mufflers have been designed so that as much as possible to reduce their weight.

Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD - the first tourist motorcycle in the world, which equipped with an aluminium frame of variable section. The frame is made of cross-sections of an aluminium alloy of rectangular section. The frame has the highest ruggedness on twisting in the class. The rear suspension also is executed from an aluminium alloy.

Suspender ETV 1000 CAPONORD is similar to that, that is used on big racing enduro, but has been completely adjusted for the maximum comfort always and under any conditions, from motorways to a track for motorcycle races.
- Plug Marzocchi in diameter of 50 mm with the increased course of a wheel equal 175 mm.
- Rear suspension SACHS regulated with system APS. The rear monoabsorber can be adjusted conveniently located button.

ETV 1000 CAPONORD it is equipped by brakes Brembo and brake hoses Freudenberg. The front brake uses two disks in diameter of 300 mm, brake calipers with two differential buckets of diameter of 32 and 30 mm. The rear brake consists of a brake plate in diameter of 272 mm, and a caliper about two 34 mm buckets. ABS has improved already impressive active safety CAPONORD. The indicator on a metre panel shows, when the system works. The system has been developed together with Brembo, and engages control package Bosch ABS 5M with the double gauges established on a wheel.
System CAPONORD ABS uses hydraulic hoses in a flexible metal braid. These hoses of the first-rate quality minimise the pressure drop usually called by expansion of a tube of a braking system, and holds performance data of a brake constants.

Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD

Engine and transmission
V figurative with a corner of a camber 60° engine CAPONORD is established from a sports motorcycle of stamp RSV, but has been reversed for tourism.
In this version of the engine, V figurative motor shows all force. Powerful and aggressive on RSV, on CAPONORD this engine is extremely appeasable and has a smooth curve of a twisting moment.
- The engine longitudinal 2 cylinder V figurative with a corner of a camber 60°, with four valves in the cylinder and two camshafts with a gear drive.
- Sagem electronic system of injection of fuel. The injection control package is connected with gauges which read out indications from a bent shaft placed through everyone 10° rotations, give much more exact control over injection parametres especially in low engine speeds. Idle running electronics steers.
- An electronic ignition with system TSI, with two spark plugs on the cylinder. An ignition timing the integrated engine management system steers, it also steers system of injection of fuel.
Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD gives out 98hp @8250rpm with the maximum twisting moment in 97Nm @ 6250rpm in a minute.

Drivers and passenger ergonomics plus aerodynamic protection have headed the list of the paramount purposes at drawing up of the project of motorcycle CAPONORD. As a result of CAPONORD allows you to overcome huge distances without weariness. Position of the driver in a trip is fine for drivers of any growth and guarantees exclusive comfort and steering. Protection of hands provide protection against a wind and a rain, and just as at crash with branches and stones.
More specs and user manual of Aprilia ETV1000 you can see in next overview.

Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD

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