Aprilia RSV1000 R Factory

Aprilia RSV1000 R Factory review

The Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory is the maximum expression of technological and sports heritage of Aprilia. The project developed for those, who demand the maximum kickback on a track. In the same way, as its predecessors, new Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory offers the best technologies of world motorcycles.
The important details which distinguish RSV R1000 Factory from standard RSV R1000 :
- Completely adjustable plug Ohlins.
- Completely adjustable absorber Ohlins.
- The adjustable steering damper Ohlins established as the standard.
- Shod aluminium disks.
- A frame painted in black matte colour.
- Details from carbon.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R FACTORY

Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory it is equipped by all the best, that exists in the motorcycle world for the maximum prestige and achievement of the minimum weight. Decisions and accessories have been borrowed directly from the world of races. RSV 1000 R Factory supersports differ not only from others 2-cylinder, but also from all other cars of a class.

1000 R Factory V60 Magnesium any changes it was not required to engine RSV. All its innovative features and magnificent execution remain invariable. Engine V60 Magnesium capacity - 143hp @ 10000 turns in a minute with the maximum twisting moment 107Nm @ 8000 turns in a minute.
The engine management program has been considerably changed to give more capacities on average turns. Release with two mufflers is equipped by catalysts with the Ljambda-gauge which allows RSV 1000R Factory to correspond to the standard of EURO3.

RSV 1000R Factory has the same supereasy frame as well as RSV 1000 R. Matte black colouring which gives to a motorcycle more an aggressive look differs only. Has not changed as the double spatial floating lever which has been not painted, but polished for wear resistance.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R FACTORY

43 mm the turned plug Ohlins Racing is covered by nitride of the titan for slippage optimisation. The advanced design with longer tubes and shorter bases of a plug reduces loading in two critical points - a point of slippage and a wheel shaft. A wheel course - 120 mm. As all best racing plugs, Ohlins allow micron regulation of accuracy of compression, kickback and a preliminary tightness.

The best cars of a class supersports demand a first-rate quality brake. RSV 1000R Factory in a cut of the best technologies, with radial front brakes developed Aprilia in partnership with Brembo. Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory it is final not the first in application of this technology. For the first time Aprilia used it in races, having equipped with this fine braking system of the 250 GP. That characterises features Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory is that attention which has been given each separate element and a detail, making a motorcycle. Attention which allows to improve characteristics, sensation and roadability, reducing thus weight and improving quality and furnish. The exclusive bilocular absorber of a steering from ruler Ohlins Racing, established as the standard. The absorber is completely regulated to adapt a steering on all possible conditions of a trip. Side panels and aerodynamic panels are made of extremely easy wattled material. Exclusive shod disks RSV 1000R Factory moto deserve a special mention. They - one of the most distinctive features of a motorcycle, not only outwardly, but also and on technical characteristics. They are forged from Anticorodal 6061 aluminia at use of a hydraulic press by capacity of 8 000 tons. Use of such technologies gives exclusive mechanical characteristics. The final analysis of an element was used to identify possibility of the improved working out of a disk. Result - six on front and five В«YВ» figurative spokes on a rear wheel, for a loading equal distribution. Such design of a spoke - not only an appearance question. It gives excellent lateral and radial ruggedness and thus helps to stabilise suspender characteristics. On RSV 1000 R Factory technologies become beauty. The economy in weight also is exclusive. Almost maniacal care has been shown by workings out even the smallest detail RSV 1000 R Factory.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R FACTORY

Aprilia also applies a rear wheel of 5.5-inches in addition to a standard 6-inch wheel. The smaller rim gives the best support on turning movements, improves steering and accelerates kickback, especially on a line. Work Aprilia has resulted Aprilia RSV1000R Factory in dry weight in 185 kg, improbable achievement for this class. More specs and user manual of Aprilia RSV 1000R you can see in next overview.

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