Aprilia RSV1000 R

Aprilia RSV1000 R review

The world tendency of completion of models of the last years has not bypassed also this motorcycle. The basic changes have concerned aerodynamic efficiency. The new aerodynamic panel and the big air vents for the improved cooling of the engine in the conditions of high loadings have been made.
Tail plastic also is more smooth and high, giving Aprilia RSV1000R even more serious kind.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Even a windshield new, with lower double curvature. The windage became less, thanks to a smaller surface, but thus protection of the driver against a counter air flow has not worsened. The group of Headlights Engages Four Separate Headlights Which Work In Steams, eliminating the tendency of "Cyclops", extended on very many modern sports motorcycles. Aprilia RSV 1000 R is improbably compact, but still has ergonomics of a highest level which always characterised RSV. Lateral plastic and a fuel tank became now even more smooth and flowed round. New rear stop a signal consisting of 16 red light-emitting diodes with transparent glass give brighter light, despite its extremely compact size united in the termination of rear plastic. Last design Aprilia RSV 1000R is done by motorcycle lines very pure and smooth, that promotes air flow as never earlier.

The most important achievement of company Aprilia by working out of V-engines. V 60 Magnesium improved again and again and 2006 it is even better than a steel its performance data which correspond to strict standards Euro 3.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

The previous features of the project have already placed this engine on the top of V-shaped development of engines, but constant both invariable development and tests in own department Aprilia R&D have made now this engine even better. Last V60 Magnesium gives out 143hp @ 10000 turns in a minute. New silver mufflers have the catalytic converters established on tubes of a collector. This decision has reduced time of activation of the converter for 50 %, reducing level of exhaust emissions that has allowed Aprilia RSV 1000 R to follow in strict frameworks Euro 3. The secondary section of an exhaust also has been prolonged for 200 mm to raise a twisting moment in low turns. Air shutter electronics steers, which regulates an air flow to give to the engine air in precisely correct volume and pressure. Therefore the engine possesses improbable capacity in all speed range, allowing to remove an arrow of the arrester of turns to 11000 turns in a minute. The powerful roar of engine V60 Magnesium is muffled by two mufflers Helmotz to reduce noise from the engine on the most maximum turns. Air stream in an air box is steered by the valve which allows to facilitate motor start in a cold condition and to stabilise idle running. Thanks to a dynamic air chamber, pressure in air the box increases with increase in speed that leads to 3 % increase in capacity at the maximum speed.
The control package the engine, in joint with Siemens VDO provides the integrated engine management. Erased programmed constant memory of a control package with a set of charts allows to adjust a motorcycle both for participation in races, and for a usual trip and under different final systems. All data from gauges pass through special system CAN to a metre panel which also operates as the diagnostic stand. In case of failure, work for engineers and technicians is reduced to a minimum for finding-out of a cause of defect. The given system tells data of all on 2nd wires that simplifies electric system and reduces motorcycle weight.
Aprilia RSV 1000R motorcycle also has a gear box with the pull together transfer relations to facilitate full use of engine power V60 Magnesium:
- Longitudinal with a corner of a camber 60° V figurative engine with 4 valves in the cylinder and the double overhead camshafts, rotated by a chain.
- Electronic fuel induction system with diameter of a throttle 57 mm, and one injector on the cylinder.
- Ignition electronic digital, one candle on the cylinder, is integrated with injection.

Motorcycle RSV engages following exclusive patents Aprilia:
- Multifriction clutch transmission with patented system PPC.
- The booster of the hydraulic control.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Years of races of high level have allowed design office Aprilii R&D to design a frame which is recognised as the best serial motorcycle frame. According to practice Aprilia, the frame engages aljuminievo-silicon components. The frame has been optimised by extensive analyses and calculations of each element and has excellent ruggedness on twisting at weight of only 9650g, that presumed only motorcycles of a racing class earlier. Stability in behaviour of a motorcycle has as a result improved, allowing the driver it is even better to feel technics possibilities. The rear floating lever and suspender also has been altered in favour of weight reduction, thickness of walls of a floating lever and other elements that has allowed to lower weight to 4860g that is very good since the indicator of weight of 5 kg was a reference point have been optimised.

The basic news in model RSV 1000 R on a suspender concern 2006 to a fantastic plug of firm Ohlins that is the most important component of a motorcycle when speech comes about roadability. The new plug has diameter of tubes of 43 mm with a titanic covering that allows whistle to a minimum a friction. The course of a front wheel makes - 120 mm.
More specs and user manual of Aprilia RSV 1000 you can see in next overview.

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

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