Aprilia RS50

Aprilia RS50 review

Aggressive lines of new Aprilia RS50 moto were added by a new aerodynamic panel tested in a wind tunnel. New twin headlights provide the best visibility and make the contribution to an aggressive look of this improbable 50 cc motorcycle. Streamline, harmonous rear plastic, hints that the motorcycle is created for races, and also hides an expansion chamber and final system, which also closely connects this moto with the world of races and improves balance and weight distribution. The 13-litre fuel tank and small consumption of fuel give RS 50 unique autonomy. Even the new form of a fuel tank transfers spirit of participation in races on a motorcycle: the fuel tank is located between two edges of a frame, in the same way as a fuel tank of original racers GP.

Aprilia RS 50

Chassis and dimensions

Aprilia was the first manufacturer, who has made 50 cc motorcycle with an aluminium frame see. New Aprilia RS50 does one step forward with a frame of a light-metal alloy and internal strengthenings for the best performance data than ever. This revolutionary frame not only reduces full weight, but also offers new level of structural ruggedness. Even the rear floating lever is made from a light-metal alloy and connected to a frame the hydraulic mono absorber through console system. The monoabsorber is regulated in preliminary to a tightness of a spring and has a course of a wheel of 110mm. The turned front plug - other important feature new RS50. This extremely advanced plug is completely safe and reliable, offering surprising performance data and degree damping.


Aprilia has established new standards by working out of brakes and performance data. The front disk of record diameter on 300 mm slows down a radial caliper, the decision at first entered Aprilia in 250cc see races GP, and subsequently copied on all motorcycles participating in races.

<p.This impressive braking system allows new RS50 to go on a level with racers GP and guarantees the maximum safety and clearness of braking.

Engine and transmission

The frame with rear a floating lever of advanced technologies demands same and the engine. Therefore Aprilia RS 50 it is equipped by the advanced engine of last generation: one-cylinder engine, liquid cooling, and the antivibrating shaft, here some distinctive lines. The latest model and the latest technologies allow this new engine to give out exclusive performance data (6.25 kw @ 10000 turns in minute) for its size and weight (only 15 kg). A separate lubricating system with the pump, the electric starter and 6-high-speed gearbox allow to use an exclusive engine power as much as possible.

Aprilia RS 50


Besides the fine engine, a frame, brakes and other, happy owners Aprilia RS 50 will benefit and from other components which majority can be found only on the big motorcycles. Take, for example, the aluminium lever of a brake and clutch, aluminium supports for feet, the muffler of high level and radial tyres.

Aprilia even equipped RS 50 with the advanced multipurpose metre panel. This compact analogue-digital metre panel operates as a real on-board computer.

Road test Aprilia RS50

The Aprilia RS50 looks and performs like a miniature racer. And its engine, chassis and aerodynamic design give it a real cutting edge.

The look is dominated by its wrap-around fairing with integrated hand guards to provide total rider protection, eliminate turbulence and ensure optimum aerodynamic penetration. Because the fairing is so efficient at cutting drag, the RS50 is capable of an impressive top speed despite its small engine size.

The aerodynamic tail hump completes the Aprilia RS50`s racing image and also houses a spacious lockable storage compartment, ideal for carrying locks and waterproofs. A chassis of this high standard deserves a top class engine. The RS50 uses an electric start liquid cooled single cylinder two stroke, with reed intake and balancing countershaft. The six-speed gearbox makes the most of the engines power and a large, easy to read rev counter makes it easy to change gear at just the right engine speed to keep the RS in the power band. Finally, add a whole range of important details that are normally only found on bigger bikes. More specs and user manual of Aprilia RS 50 you can see in next overview.

Aprilia RS 50
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