Aprilia RS125

Aprilia RS125 review
Aprilia RS 125 is the indisputable leader among sports meets of motorcycles in a class on 125 cc. Aprilia was always the leader in the field of easy sports motorcycles, entering new concepts, advanced innovative decisions, and developing technology for which others should very much try to struggle. As all sports motorcycles, Aprilia RS125 took all best of technologies which have been developed for years of success in races GP, and quickly transferred saved up in mass production. These technologies guaranteed RS 125 prestigious reputation among sports meets in a class of motorcycles with volume of the engine 125 cubic see. More specs and user manual of Aprilia RS 125 you can see in next overview.
Aprilia RS 125
Aprilia RS125 specifications General information Year: 2005 Engine: 125cc, 1-cylinder Transmission: 6-speed, chain Max speed: 100 mph 0-60 mph 6.5 (est) Horsepower: 33 bhp @ 11000rpm Weight: 121 kg Seat height: 805 mm Style The ultramodern kind new RS 125 says to you, that this motorcycle is a professional motorcycle for competitions. Modelling RS 125 is based on workings out RSV 1000 R and as with all motorcycles for sports competition, grows out of laborious aerodynamic probe. The new aerodynamic panel, for example, has been improved by extensive test in a wind tunnel to guarantee, that wind protection will correspond to level GP, and to receive peak efficiency on a track from the engine of small volume. The aerodynamic panel, windshield and tail plastic not only look aggressive, but also allow RS 125 to reach the maximum rate limit, eliminating turbulence. The person and a motorcycle become valid can a single whole if it RS 125. Smooth forms of tail plastic for which many efforts have been spent, not only give the necessary aerodynamic effect, but also at a trip with the passenger, there is no discomfort both for the driver, and for the passenger.
Aprilia RS 125
Engine Powerful, but reliable, one-cylinder engine Rotax does not require any representation. For many years this engine has won reputation to be invincible on a track and reliable on road. Till now, this engine has technical decisions which are modern for engines, including liquid cooling, an antivibrating shaft, and automatic system of commixing. Engine RS 125 was constantly updated all these years to keep according to last legislative norms of toxicity. By the current moment engine RS 125 completely corresponds to norms Euro 2. Frame Undoubtedly, the most advanced component on RS 125 - its frame. Developed from extensive experience in races GP 125, frame RS 125 is made of a cross-section of an alloy of aluminium with cross-section strengthening. Despite its extremely easy weight, this advanced structure reaches surprising ruggedness at torsion, establishing new standards for competitors Aprilia. The suspender also plays a fundamental role in maintenance RS of 125 not only maximum characteristics, but also for safety and comfort maintenance. Brakes To remain the leader, RS 125 should have all highest technologies, including brakes. The braking system on a motorcycle absolutely new, also is developed for peak efficiency in the conditions of a rigid competition and race conditions. Front brakes use radial a caliper with four opposite buckets, according to last tendencies in racing technology. In addition to a front disk on 320 mm, system the radial master also engages the cylinder for the maximum accuracy and an unsurpassed rate of braking. The rear brake plate - 220 mm in diameter and also is equipped by hoses in a metal braid for the perfect balanced braking in difficult conditions of race. Equipment The motorcycle being 125 cubic see top of a racing class should have all most advanced and high-quality equipment. In addition to a new frame and the chassis on the basis of high technologies, RS 125 does not endow quality and on other components. Compact and easy, components of the equipment of last generation are borrowed from RSV 1000 R and engage an analogue tachometre and the multipurpose digital display engaging an on-board computer which can be steered directly from a wheel. Aprilia RS 125 Futura:
Aprilia RS 125

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