Ariel Square Four

Ariel Square Four review

Ariel Square Four

Undoubtedly, the most famous bike produced under the Ariel marquee was the Ariel Square Four motorcycle. It was produced from 1931 till 1958. Its powerplant, effectively a geared together set of parallel twins, was designed by Edward Turner shortly after the future Triumph boss joined Ariel in 1928. The fours engine size started off at 500cc and soon was increased to 600cc and then 997cc. Often called the Squariel, the powerplant was supremely smooth but suffered from overheating of the rear cylinders. Although the biggest model was capable of more than 100mph it`s performance was severely handicapped by it`s excessive weight.

Ariel Square Four

After World War II the Square Four Ariel was updated dramatically. First with a lighter aluminum engine, then in 1954, with a new cylinder head and a breathtaking four-pipe exhaust system. By this time Ariel had added telescopic front forks and plunger rear suspension. Despite all these marked improvements, the heavy Four was still a cumbersome handler. Even in its final sohpisticated guise, the engine was prone to overheating. But its redeeming factors of smoothness, comfort, and looks made the bike much treasured by those who could afford them.
In 1953 Ariel introduced the Mk II 4G Square Four. This 1000cc motorcycles included such features as an aluminum alloy cylinder head and four exhaust pipes, one for each cylinder. The Square Four ceased production in 1959. More specs and user manual of Ariel Square Four you can see in next overview.

Ariel Square Four
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