BSA D1 Bantam

BSA D1 Bantam review
The production ofBSA D1 125cc engine started in 1948. It was manufactured for export only. The design had been taken from the German bike DKW as part of the war reperations. The engine proved itself very efficient. And with small motorcycles becomming ever more popular in Britain, BSA decided to build a complete motorcycle around the D1 engine.
BSA D1 Bantam
The D1 (the original model) 125cc was available initially only with a rigid rear suspension, although within three years the range was enhanced to include an optional plunger rear suspension. The front suspension of all D1's possessed no damping and resulted in a bouncy ride quality. D1's were available with a variety of electrical lighting systems. Wipac systems were available either in 6v AC (known as direct lighting) or DC. The AC system used a small dry 'torch' cell battery to illuminate the forward facing 'pilot' bulb within the headlamp shell,the remaining lighting was only available for use when the engine was running and the dry cell had to be regularly replaced. The DC system incorporated a lead acid battery and operated in a conventional manner. For a short period some D1's were equipped with Lucas lighting systems and these operated in a similar manner to the Wipac DC system. The D1 continued to be available to the public right up until 1963 and was still produced for the GPO (General Post Office) for at least 2 more years.
BSA D1 Bantam
The BSA D1 Bantam was one of the most successful lightweight bikes ever to be built in the UK. BSA launched the Bantam D1 in March 1948 and the first production bike was ready in June of that year. Its 3-speed unit construction engine was a mirror-image of the DKW RT125, adapted to suit BSAs non-metric machine tools and the British inclination towards big flywheels from the designs handed over as war reparations. More specs and user manual of BSA Bantam you can see in next overview.
BSA D1 Bantam
BSA D1 Bantam
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