BSA Sloper

BSA Sloper review

The BSA Sloper motorcycles, appeared in August, 1926 as model S, was the bright representative of the British big motorcycles of the pre-war period. The model has received the name because of the engine inclined forward. It was externally pleasant, reliable, rather and silent quick machine. It 493ccm it is long tacts the engine it was equipped with the closed pushers of valves and levers. Under it settled down big strong carter about oil the pump. BSA motorcycles were sold as affordable motorcycles with reasonable performance for the average user.

BSA Sloper

BSA stressed the reliability of their machines, the availability of spares and dealer support. The motorcycles were mixture of sidevalve and OHV engines offering different performance for difference roles, eg. hauling a sidecar. In 1927, BSA launched their Sloper range, so called because of the sloped engine layout. By 1930, they had a range of 16 models from a 174cc to 986cc twin. As the 30s recession hit home the range was reduced and models simplified to cut costs.
The power unit easily gave out capacity, and the massive flywheel smoothed pulses of capacity. The duplex frame was equipped, on a back wheel the suspension bracket was absent. At least, it has been let out six updatings model with engines in volume from 349 up to 595 sm3. Two updatings were equipped with engines with the lateral valves, four-their variants.

BSA Sloper

For the majority of updatings the company released so-called В«a racing set В» which has consisted of the piston of the high pressure, special light ignitions, valves and springs. However phlegmatic character of the machine changed even after such completion a little. In 1932 on change to an initial 3-stage box of transfers there has come 4-stage transmission for BSA Sloper. More specs and user manual of BSA Sloper you can see in next overview.

BSA Sloper

BSA Sloper specifications

The engine: 493cc, one-cylinder, 80x98 mm, air cooling
Capacity: up to 25hp @ 4800 rpm.
Box of transfers: three, and later four-stage manual
The main transfer: a circuit
The maximal speed: 116 km/h
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