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Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world


There are many unusual and beautiful motorcycles in the world. But which of them are the coolest? We evaluated the fanciest motorbikes and made the top 10 of the greatest bikes of the world.

10. B120 Wraith

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

American Confederate Motor Company introduced their new superbike «Wraith B120». The zest of new motorcycle is its futuristic look and nontypical tank position, which is under the engine. The price of «Wraith B120» is $50 000.

9. Red Bull Rider

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

Red Bull Rider motorbike came into public in 2010 on Red Bull X-fighters show in Detroit. Such interesting design is based on Red Bull logo. The motorcycle is fully functional and is used in various sales promotions.


Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

37 y.o. designer Barend Massow Hemmes designed the motorcycle «Night Shadow». Its form resembles the Jaguar marque logo. The Night Shadow is the apple of Barend's eye. The eyes of jaguar glow in the dark. Though, to ride this bike with comfort you must be tall enough. But Barend's height is quite sufficient. The bike is equipped with 1200 ccm engine, but its maximum speed is just 80 km/h. Inconvenient seat and low speed make this creation rather showpiece, than real motorcycle.

7. Dodge Tomahawk

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The Dodge Tomahawk was called the fastest, the coolest and the fanciest bike many times. No wonder, the bike has 500 horsepower and this is the most powerful motorcycle for today. The bike is equipped with 10-cylinder engine Viper V-10 with volume 8.3L. The length of motorcycle is more than 2.5 m, its width is approximately 70 cm and height - 90cm.

The cost of the motorcycle is $250,000 and you should be prepared to go to the expense of fuel, because the machine consumes pretty much of it.

6. Mach Ness Monster

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

Arlen Ness created metalic monster with gas-turbine draft and called it Mach Ness Monster. The frame of the bike is made of handworked sheets of aluminium. This beautiful motorcycle boggles the imagination. You can't ignore this bike! Arlen began the development of this conceptual moto after he saw the "turbine motorcycle" of Jay Leno. Arlen liked the idea, but he didn't like the price ($250,000). That's why he decided to make his own bike.

5. Hubless Motorcycle.

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The developers of Amen Design and Engineering managed to design a completely new motorcycle with hubless wheels. Such wheels were noticed in concepts of different manufacturers (for example, Honda V4 Concept), but this is the first time, when such wheels are installed on real bike.

Absence of hubs and wheel disks does not affect bike's performance. This is fully functional motorcycle with a price of $150,000.

4. Uno

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The Uno motorcycle is the best creation of Benjamin Gulak, an 27 y.o. inventor from Toronto. The frame is based on front part of Yamaha R1 sportbike. Strange, but there are 2 wheels installed on the Uno. Both wheels are positioned under seat on the distance of 5 cm.

The "personal transoprt of the future" is moved by two electromotors from wheel-chair. The maximum speed of 552 kg motorbike is 44 km/h, and battery's working resource is 2.5 hours.

People, who were lucky to ride this wonder think, that Uno is ready for production. This is a bike easy to handle even for a child.

3. Suzuki Biplane

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

This beautiful sportbike has, first of all, elegant design. The common style of Biplane is based on biplanes of times of aviation formation.

The concept is equipped with 4-cylinder 100 ccm V-engine placed lengthway, transmission of force is performad by propshaft.

The bike is equipped transverse withwishbone front suspension, rear suspension, which is on binary arm linaers with shock absorber and disk brakes.

2. Batpod

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

Engineers of Chopper City company made an exact copy of the bike ridden by Batman. The new motorcycle is called Batpod. The bike is equipped with powerful liquid-cooled engine. Nitro-injector allows building up high speed on straigh roads. There is only one copy of Batpod and, as original Batman's motorcycle, it has guns. The approximate cost of Batpod is $100.000.

850 ccm V-Twin engine, Aprilia Mana transmission and frame made of parts of agricultural machinery were used to build up this motorcycle.

1. Tron Light Cycle

Engineers of Legacy company from USA developed and implemented Tron Light Cycle - a truely cool motocycle with fiberglass body on steel frame. There are 10 copies and all of them almost identical. These motorcycles are driven by engine of Suzuki TLR1000 motorbike. Tron Light Cycles are 252 cm long, 57 cm wide and have weight of 214 kg. There is a brand seat of biker, who almost lies on the bike at height of 72 cm. Due to unique theme of this bikes the engineers provided the ability of replacing standard control panel with dock for Apple iPad.

Top 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The braking system of Tron Light Cycle is based on friction drum, which is an innovation. Such braking system stops bike even on high speed. The most pleasant news is that you'll have to pay for this motorcycle just 55 000 dollars.

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