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Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

Dodge Tomahawk is a concept motorcycle produced by Dodge company.

In 2003, the Dodge company introduced a futuristic motorcycle with Dodge Viper 10V 500 ccm engine on North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The motorbike has two front and 2 rear wheels, which makes it more a quad bike than motorcycle. This also makes this technical wonder extremely stable. Each of 4 wheels is equipped with independent suspension. For creation of this motorbike were used titanium, aluminium, carbon and magnesium. All these innovations were meant to reduce the motorcycle's weight. Tomahawk is the fastest motorcycle in the world - its maximum speed is 468 km/h. But the engineers, who assembled the motorbike, claim that it can speed up to 613 km/h. Though, there is no evidence that this bike can speed up to 200 km/h at least.In fact, this is just a two-wheel engine.

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

All Tomahawk copies assembled manually and listed for sale through Neiman Marcus catalog with a price of 550 000 USD per copy. But extremely exaggerated price caused low sales level, though Chrysler corporation planned on production of 300 Tomahawks. But only 9 copies were sold. And the owners of this motorcycle confessed that Tomahawk is strict to fuel quality and maintenance, and disproportionally small tank significantly limits motorbike's performance. To owners mind, the most inconvenient component is accelerator: while on the move, the motorcycle strives to slip from beneath rider. The cause of such disadvantage is powerful engine in combination with extremely short transmission travel. "Tomahawk is not for everyone, just for crazy", claimed some experts after the presentation of prototype. There is a ring of truth in these words: falling from this monster is fatal. Though, there is no serious road traffic accidents involving Tomahawk registered. Clones and replicas of Tomahawk appeared shortly after its presentation.

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

Of course, not everyone can handle this giant. That's why Chinese company decided to produce a mini-copy of this prototype. By the way, the cost of original is 550 000 USD, while the cost of this Chinese clone is just 750 USD. And a maximum speed of this little one is 140 km/h, which is not that bad.

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

General information
Manufacturer: Dodge
Production: since 2003
Type: prototype

Lubrication system: oil
Cooling system: liquid
Clutch: 2х2 composite
Gearbox: Automatic
Drive gear: rear 2х2
Fuel injection: independent

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

Tank volume: 12.7 L
Maximum speed: 468 km/h

External dimensions
Length: 2,591 mm
Width: 704 mm
Height: 937 mm
Base: prototype
road clearance: 76 mm

Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad Dodge Tomahawk - a bike for the mad

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