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Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

There are too many various motorcycles on the planet, made of different materials and having extaordinary design.

One of such unusual iron horses is Biona motorcycle. Its main peculiarity is that it is made of wood. Besides, Biona is among neo-bikes, which are different with the high level of ecological cleanliness. Hardware ergonomics in combination with elegant outward attracts people's attention to the bike.

Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

As a concept, the vehicle managed to implement many innovative ideas, which couldn't be passed over by public. Most part of the body is made of wood. And this is not just wood, but of specific extrastrong wood with many characteristic advantages.

It is also significant that Biona motorcycle is started and driven by electric motor only.

Biоna wooden horse

If you think about it, the numerous plastic covers used in vehicle body nowadays just spoils its look. The creators of Biona thought they can refuse such layout at all, and they were correct.

Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

It took a great effort to assemble such unique look of wooden motorbike. Such layout was made to emphasize the vision of ecologic vehicle of the future. The wooden Biona motorcycle almost fully occupied with electromotor, built in its wheels.

More details about ecologic motorbike

All engine components are made of ultra light, but extremely solid metal, resistant to temperature effects. For bike feeding, dismountable batteries were used, which can be recharged with inductive internal light. The idea of creation a unique bike means to make of wood most of the body.

Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

Even though Biona has no unique specifications, it can catch fancy of all people, willing to live maximum healthy.

Biona: ecologic wooden motorcycle

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