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The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta


Nowadays it is extremely hard to find something new and extraordinary. But, nevertheless, there is a man, who dared to create something unusual. Carlos Orta belongs to the people, who are not satisfied with amount of thousands of simple parts or color from catalog for creation of something that can be called a custom bike. This craftsman doesn’t trust his work to others. He thinks that everyone is enthusiastic about art, because it is our selfexpression, which is driving force of art. In our article we’re going to describe “The Black Rose” born from Marilyn Manson’s song and fantasies.

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

It seems that The Black Rose is not just a creation, which is not just beautiful, but also lives its own life. It has its own posture, sexuality and capable of eliciting emotions. This masterpiece is accepted and interpreted differently. When Carlos started building his motorcycle, he made each part from first to last with his own hands. And his work astonished everyone, who was lucky to see it. They were really surprised with the fact that first component that was ready was the seat. Usually, the component, which is made first, is fuel tank, and the seat is a part which is made in the end. The idea of such seat was drift of seats of Mongol warriors, but it looked unusual and was strange on touch. Its form is definitely sexual: its front part was made as pierced phallus, rear part was designed as pierced tongue. Carlos made the seat with his own hands.

Orta is sure that motorcycle should be born as any other creature, and the process must be perfect. As soon as he determined Rose’s lines, everything else came by itself. Of course, the process didn’t come without complications, which follow any artist looking for harmony.

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

Orta wanted to emphasize on one important fact: motorcycle must have one or few original parts, that’s why he started with design of new handles and levers. First he imagined handles of stream-line form, which would have made The Rose look evil. But imagination is one thing and implementing – another. The work on hand levers design was really complicated, because originally they’re short and activate braking cylinder and clutch. Orta decided to use tools from music instruments, specifically from reed instruments. Studying saxophone operating principle, and adapting it to his goals, Carlos succeeded through trial and error. Now that problem with levers was sold, it is turn of handles, which had to be fancy, but at the same time technically upgraded. Then Orta designed brake cylinder, but not just as mechanism, but as part drawing everyone’s attention. Being an admirer of antique technological devices, Orta added a bit of Victorian age. So, the main cylinder looked like antique oil dropping apparatus. Such parts were to become an important aspect of general image. And using different metals in their production was an interesting move. This made people to notice them, their precise quality and perfect polish. Use of copper, bronze, aluminium and steel was appropriate.

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

One of the components required special attention, but it really ruled the roost of the whole motorcycle. From the very beginning, the corset on fuel tank was made of the same leather as the seat. Though, there was a lack of the icing on the cake, which was very necessary!

Orta said that once, when he was trying to fall asleep he saw a biker riding an old chopper with dry frame. That biker had a wallet on a chain in hip pocket, which fell out, when the bike bobbed on pitfall. Since the wallet was attached with chain, it dangled behind bike like a tail. That was exactly, what Carlos needed for number attachment! Orta started making a wallet of aluminium plates, which looked like leather one, even stitches looked like real ones! So, Carlos thought that there is not enough leather for the bike, so, he continued working on it. Gradually Orta replaced leather corset with the one made from aluminium plate. All metal straps and clasps had to look real. That’s why he decided to fool people by making them think that the motorbike is made of leather. To some point, he was successful: in Boot Hill Saloon during Biketoberfest he had to explain the crowd that the Black Rose can and must be ridden, in will not come in flames, because it is not made of real leather!

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

One more interesting fact: instead of hiding some components, Orta accentuated their beauty and functionality. When most customizers scratch their heads over how to hide everything from wires to oil tank, wishing to make their motorbike maximum smooth, it is obvious that Carlos chooses his own path. He is one of those, who thinks, that motorcycle is admirable as it is. And he doesn’t understand why he should hide oil tank and other parts. He doesn’t think of hiding, but of how to arrange everything with taste. Orta admitted that he rarely buys motorcycle magazines, because he thinks that ideas should come during the process, and he doesn’t want to depend on “ready-made ideas”. He also prefers spending his spare time by reading books or watching something that is not connected with motorcycles, because it feeds his imagination. In fact, the most important source of his creativity is music. Interesting thing, but spout of oil tank is designed as something resembling Aladdin’s lamp. And another interesting thing is long handles, especially twist grip throttle, rotating part of which comes up to steering pillar, when mirrors are fixed.

Well, it is hard to describe all jacks of the Black Rose, а picture is worth a thousand words. And to understand it, you should get to know with its creator. The black Rose is as mysterious and complicated as its creator.

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta


Owner: Carlos Orta
Year/model: 2005 CUSTOM CHOPPER
Configuration: Orta / MAC

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

Year/model: 2003, S&S 96 cubic inches SUPER STOCK, EVO TOP PAN BOTTOM
Carburettor: S&S

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta
Exhaust system: ORTA

Year/type: 2002, 6-speed
Case: S&S
Mechanism: REV TECH
Clutch: BDL
Primary gear: BDL

Year/model: 2002 CHOPPER GUYS RIGID, modified by Carlos
Rake: 40 degrees

Wheels, tyres, brakes
Front: AVON 21”
Attachment clips: HD stock
Rear: Orta, 16”, AVON 250
Brakes: drum

The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta The Black Rose chopper by Carlos Orta

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