Honda TRX350

Honda TRX350 review

The Honda TRX350 handles the most inhospitable of terrain in style and comfort. It combines the convenience of push button gear change with the go-anywhere reliability of Honda. With its wide range of unique features, the TRX 350 takes mud, rocks and sand in its stride - no matter how steep the incline or seemingly impossible the conditions underfoot.
At first glance the new TRX 350 is as aesthetically pleasing as one would expect from Honda. The Honda is smaller, or seems that way at any rate. It fits comfortably in the back of my short box full size Chev 1500.

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Surprisingly, the machine is still not tippy. It tops out on the digital speedometer at about 75km/h. The addition of the Warn 2500lb, winch is a necessity if you are going to have a machine that is capable of going into places where only another machine of it's capabilities can pull it out. A word about the electronics on the Honda. The ventilation system on the Honda is superb. The machine can actually go underwater completely for short stretches at a time and not stall or be bothered by water intake. Further, the Honda TRX350 will stand on it`s back tires and "wheelie" through deep sections of stream or river, bouncing on it`s back tires with no visible effect on performance. That allows 4 or 5 feet of water to be a non-issue. The water level remains just below the exhaust and with aggressive balance she can actually not have contact with the bottom and make headway. More specs and user manual of Honda TRX you can see in next overview.

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