Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles


It is rather hard to imagine a man, who doesn’t dream of motorcycle. This unique vehicle has everything – excellent controllability, perfect look and ability to gain a speed, of which drivers can only dream sitting in traffic jams for hours. None vehicle except motorcycle can boast with whole riding culture. Specific apparel, special music, themed clubs, parties and even social movements, and movies dedicated to bikers – all these make riding a bike an exciting hobby and lifestyle. It is not as comfortable and reliable, as car, so often it is taken as luxury. That’s why we decided to compile the most expensive motorbikes in the world. The top 10 included the most exciting motorcycles capable to catch fancy of most sophisticated people. Most of these bikes are unaffordable for regular folks, and those, who actually buy them, do it not for getting to work in the morning. These are true works of art made for aficionados.

10. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

№10 in the list is C120 Renaissance Fighter produced by Confederate Motors together with Neiman Marcus brand. Confederate Motors Company founded in 1991 is specialized in elite street bikes. There are only 45 of such motorcycles in the world. This model differs with its extraordinary design, powerful 1966 ccm engine and 5-speed gearbox. Its weight is 195 kg, and it can speed up to 300 km/h. The body components are made of high quality stainless steel, and chassis – of aluminium alloy. Of course, specifications are not the main thing of this motorcycle, but its form. The cost of this motorcycle is $110,000.

9. Coventry Eagle Flying 8

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

To be one of the most expensive motorbikes, it doesn’t have to be speedy or be assembled with the help of most innovative technologies. №9 in the list is veteran of otorcycle movement - Coventry Eagle Flying 8 produced in 1928. By modern standards it has modest specifications: 980 ccm 8 hp engine. This motorcycle had a record speed for its time – 130 km/h. Despite its age, the bike is still suitable for quick ride. The cost of this vintage motorcycle is near $ 120 000.

8. Harley-Davidson Rocker

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

Even those people, who know little about motorcycles ever heard of Harley-Davidson - a world-renown motorcycle manufacturer. The cost of this model has increased due to German tuning company House of Thunder, which took part in its creation.

This custom bike was made specifically as a set for 45 m yacht. Chopper not only matches yacht’s color, but also has an exclusive frame and unusual design. The constructors of this moto provided 2 folding handles, which allow lift it easily aboard. The cost of this motorcycle is $ 130 000.

7. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

№7 in the list is a real retro bike – one of the first motorcycles in the world. This is the main aspect of the cost of unique vintage motorcycle, which varies from $ 130 000 to $ 150 000. This motorcycle belonged to American private collector, that’s why it is hard to find images of this model publicly available.

6. Hubless custom Harley-Davidson

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

This is a real masterwork by Howards Killer Customs - a small tuning company from New Jersey. This bike got many rewards in custom contests. The creators intended to make not just a fancy showbike, but a speedy bike. Maximum speed of this motorcycle is 160 km/h. It is unbelievable, but engineers spent 4000 hours assembling it. And to replace just 1 tire, you’ll have to spend 4 hours! And the cost of this motorcycle is $ 150 000.

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

Fifth place in the list takes expensive and beautiful motorcycle. In this case – this is a masterwork by Ecosse Motor Works. This bike developed a reputation for the company specialized on assembling of the most expensive motorbikes. The fact that the first bike produced by the company was sold to customer China, who wished to remain anonymous. Photo is enough to understand that you look at unique motorcycle. This titan bike wit 2.4L engine can boast with power of 225 hp. And its cost is $ 300 000.

4. Legendary British Vintage Black

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

Another legend in our list. This bike has never been the fastest in the world, but it is one of the most expensive. Owner of this chopper can hardly ride it far, but he can certainly touch the history of motorcycle building and become a member of elite club of vintage motorcycle collectors. This motorcycle is perfect purchase for tuning workshop owner, who will be inspired by laconic lines and flawless design of one of the most beautiful motorcycle of the past century. The cost of this motorcycle varies from $400 000 to $600 000.

3. Golden Chopper

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

The bronze medalist of our rating is covered with golden plates. This custom chopper was first introduced on international exposition in Seattle. Literally it dazzled everyone with its shine. In comparison to most motorcycles in our list, it is not fit for riding. The cost of this bike is $500 000.

2. Porcupine

[center]Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

№2 in the list of most expensive motorcycles in the world is Porcupine, produced by British manufacturer AJS during the WW II. It beats all records in cost of all retro motorbikes. The motorcycle museum in Coventry was ready to part with its valuable exhibit, which is an essential part of exposition during last 20 years, for $750 000.

1. Custom Harley-Davidson by Jack Armstrong

Top 10 of the most expensive motorcycles

№1 in our list is designer custom Harley-Davidson made by Jack Armstrong. Armstrong jokes that his creation should have one of Hollywood celebrities. No wonder, because this cosmic art-bike will rise in cost in time. The artist promised that he would never use motorcycle as canvas. That’s why the price for this unique creation raised from $ 1 000 000 to $ 3 000 000.

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