Matchless G3L Army

Matchless G3L Army review

Matchless G3L Army

The Matchless G3L is a motorcycle used by the British Army during the World War 2, when Matchless manufactured G3 and G3L models. The G3L became one of the most popular motorcycles used during World War 2 , as it was the first to replace the unforgiving girder forks with a new technology - teledrualic suspensions. In 1940 the British War Office requisitioned every available motorcycle to replace those, which were lost. Developed from the pre war G3, the L in the G3L stood for "lightweight" in response to military requirements for motorcycle, which were suitable for offroad use, as the engineers managed to reduce the dry weight of the prototype by 25 kg.

Matchless G3L Army

The real innovation of the G3L Army was the first telescopic design with oil damping.  The idea which became the standard for almost all future motorcycles. After exhaustive military testing the G3L lost the War competition for a single standard machine vertical twin, the 3TW, which had a top speed of over 70mph and weighed 110kg. Production of the G3L Army started in late 1941. The series of modifications and improvements were introduced as its military service began. From 1942 the entire output of the Matchless factory was dedicated to the Matchless G3L army. In 1940 Matchless G3L were ordered from England by the South African army as the preferred machine for use by dispatch riders. More specs and user manual of G3L Army you can see in next overview.

Matchless G3L Army
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