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Norton Dominator review

The Dominator is a twin cylinder motorcycle developed by Norton. The original Dominator was designed in 1947 and 1948 by Bert Hopwood, who had been on the Speed Twin design team at Triumph. Available for sale from mid 1949, this design set the pattern for Norton twins for the next 30 years.

The Norton Dominator was Norton’s entry into the crowded vertical twin market. It was intended to capitalize on the success of, and hopefully steal some sales from, the trend-setting Triumph Speed Twin. When it was introduced in 1949, the 500cc Dominator Model 7 was a handsome enough machine. The new engine was a non-unit (separate engine, primary and gearbox) vertical twin that generally followed convention for a British motorcycle at the time. 

Norton Dominator

The 500 twin engine of the Model 7 in a new Featherbed Frame made such a quantum leap forward that it became a whole new model, the Norton Dominator 88, which ran from 1952-63. 

By 1956 the relentless quest for more power led to the first step in a litany of boost in displacement. The Norton Dominator 99 (1956-62) was the 596cc version of the old 500 Model 7. It was called a 600, of course.

Norton Dominator


The Norton Dominator family of motorcycles soldiered on in two forms, the Dominator 88 and the Dominator 99 until replaced by the new Norton Atlas line in 1962, with some overlap of production into the 1963 model year. The Norton Dominator really started the Norton twin legacy that ended with the legendary Norton Commando, one of the greatest Classic British Motorcycle ever built, a span of over a quarter of a century. Today, Norton motorcycles are among the most prized and sought-after Classic British Motorcycles. More specs and user manual of Norton Dominator you can see in next overview.

Norton Dominator
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