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Can-Am Spyder GS Roadster

Can-Am Spyder GS Roadster review

Nothing you experienced prepares you for the thrill of hitting the open road astride a CanAm Spyder Roadster. It is revolutionary three-wheeled stance alters the chemistry between asphalt and vehicle. Leaving riders forever change by what can only be described as the Y factor.
This 3-wheel vehicle, with one in the rear and two wheels in the front, offers a completely new and stunning look. Powered by a 990cc V-Twin engine designed and manufactures by BRP-Rotax, Spyder Roadster GS with its unique Y-architecture, can be described as a part motorcycle and part convertible sports car.

CanAm Spyder GS Roadster

With Can-Am Spyder GS, BRP redefining the roadster category by bringing the powersports experience to the road through this new generation of vehicles. Can Am Spyder GS is built around a Surrounding Spar Technology frame, featuring aminimalist steel center beam,surrounding the engine. It minimizes weld points for greater structural integrity. This slim and light frame provides a low center of gravity to enhance handling and stability. The CanAm Spyder GS Roadster fluid motion systems from a smooth five-speed gearbox and final belt drive.

Can-Am Spyder GS Roadster

Fluid motion stems from the smooth five-speed gearbox created specifically for the Roadster Spyder. An optional thumb-shift sequential electronic transmission offers even greater ease of use. The Can-Am Roadster GS senses its surroundings using 4 Electronic Control Units. These sophisticated systems detect everything from wheel slippage to engine performance to digitally-enclosed security information. More specs and user manual of CanAm Roadster you can see in next overview.

Can-Am Spyder GS Roadster

Can-Am Spyder Roadster GS Specifications:

Engine and transmission
Engine: 990 V-Twin
Displacement: 998cc
Bore: 3.82 in (97 mm)
Stroke: 2.68 in (68 mm)
Cylinder: 2
Valves per cylinder: DOHC4
Max output: 106hp @ 8500rpm ([email protected])
Max torque: 77 lb-ft @ 6250rpm
Ignition type: Electronic ignition with dual output coil
Exhaust system: 2-into-1 with catalytic converter
Cooling: Liquid cooled
Brake Type: Foot-actuated, fully integrated hydraulic 3-wheel braking system
Front braking system: 10.2 in x 0.25 in (260 mm x 6 mm) discs
Rear braking system: Single-piston caliper with 10.2 in x 0.25 in (260 mm x 6 mm) disc
Electronic Brake Distribution
Anti-lock Braking System
Parking brake: Mechanical, foot actuated to the rear caliper
Vehicle Stability System
Traction Control System
Stability Control System with Roll-Over Mitigation
Dynamic Power Steering
Digitally Encoded Security System
Gear box: Sequential Manual 5-Speed (SM5) with transmission-based reverse
Optional gear box: Sequential Electronic 5-Speed (SE5) with transmission-based reverse
Magneto: 500 Watt
Starter: Electric
Battery: Dry Cell, 12V, 21 Amp
Oil capacity: 1.19 US gal (4.5 l)
Fuel capacity: 7.13 US gal (27 l)
Dry vehicle weight: 316 kg

Can-Am Spyder GS Roadster
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