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Hesketh V1000

Hesketh V1000 review

By the late 1971s the once proud British motorcycles industry was in tatters. Norton was dead, and Triumph barely alive, holding on a by a thread. There had been no new large capacity British motorcycle since the Triumph Trident of 1969, but Lord Hesketh decided to change this. Hesketh wanted to create another Brough Superior or Vincent Black Shadow, a truly British high-quality motorcycles. He envisaged a two wheeled Aston Martin, classy, expensive, and built to last. The Hesketh V 1000 was unveiled in April 1980. The press criticzsed its noisy engine, bad gearboxes and slow performance. Production was halted to rectify the problems and it was not until February 1982 that the first bike was delivered.

Hesketh V1000

There were still problems with production being hampered by warranty work and so in June 1982 the company collapsed, having made little more than 100 machines. In November 1982 Lord Hesketh resumed production privately with the Vampire which resolved earlier problems, but it came too late and the company was dissolved with only 36 bikes built. Believe it or not, but you can still buy an 80s classic Hesketh V1000 motorcycle brand new, made in small numbers by Broom Engineering. The original Hesketh V-1000 was hailed as the saviour of the British industry back in 1981, but this heavy, rather touring orientated V-twin motorcycle was - and still is - an acquired taste. From 2004 onwards, the Hesketh V1000 was increased to 1200ccm (Hesketh V1200) in engine capacity, and features an uprated gearbox.

Hesketh V1000

For its time, the Hesketh V 1000`s Reynolds tubed frame, which lets the motor hang from its swingarm pivot and front downtubes, is a clever piece of engineering. The 2003 onwards Hesketh V-1200 models also get fully adjustable suspension front and rear, plus new alloy rimmed spoked wheels. More specs and user manual of Hesketh V1000 you can see in next overview.

Hesketh V1000

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