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Hercules W-2000

Hercules W2000 review

The Hercules W2000 is honored as being the first Rotary-powered motorcycle offered for public sale through a dealer network. It was labeled as a "full-production model" in press releases, flyers, and brochures. But in reality, the Hercules W-2000 was built as a "limited trial" machine to test the public acceptance of a new power source for motorcycles. Rotary Recycle was present when the first W-2000 Rotary made its debut in November of 1974. A jam-packed ballroom of prospective buyers, enthusiasts, curiosity seekers, factory representatives, and a well-represented band of press reporters were also in attendance. Through the large, double-doored archway into the main ballroom were two elevated, red W 2000 Rotary engine motorcycles mounted on a slowly revolving turntable, with special colored lights positioned to enhance/highlight their detailed appearance. Over both machines hung a blue and white banner, which read "Hercules Rotary Engine Cycles, First In The World."

Hercules W-2000

This container consisted of 41 pre-mix models, of which 34 had red tanks and 5 had yellow tanks. Armed with these new machines, the Rotary sales team fanned out across the United States and praised the merits of the Wankel engine as the power source of the future for motorcycles. Consequently, Rotary sales were quite active and did show serious promise, with new dealers joining the W 2000 parade.On 1975, a new model - the KC30 GS Enduro Rotary dirt bikes - was introduced. Two were delivered to Rotary recycle and were basically used as prime demonstrators to entice quantity orders. The new GS Rotary caused quite a lot of excitement and was taunted as the "one to beat." Meanwhile, the W-2000 continued to fluctuate up and down in sales for most of the summer. By the end of August, Rotary sales became extremely slow. This, in part, was due to the anticipation of a new W 2000 model. The much-awaited event arrived on September, 1975, when the new 1976 W2000 Rotary motorcycle was unveiled to the public. The special feature of this 1976 model was that it now came with the exclusive oil-injection, "auto-mix" system, which eliminated the hand mixing of gas and oil together. This new gas and oil model was an instant success, and sales of the Hercules W-2000 Rotary rose sharply.

Hercules W-2000

Once again, new dealers joined the Rotary network, and it seemed as though the Hercules W-2000 Rotary had found its place in the motorcycle family. Even though increased sales and new dealers were on the rise, on November 26, 1976 - out of nowhere - Hercules W-2000 motorcycle production came to an abrupt halt. More specs and user manual of Hercules W-2000 you can see in next overview.

Hercules W2000 specification

General information
Model: Hercules W 2000
Year: 1973
Category: Classic

Engine and transmission
Displacement: 294cc
Engine type: Single disk Wankel
Power: 25 HP (18.2 kW) @ 6500 RPM
Compression: 8.5:1
Cooling system: Air
Gearbox: 6-speed
Transmission type
final drive: Chain

Hercules W-2000

Physical measures
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 172 kg (379.2 pounds)

Chassis and dimensions
Front tyre dimensions: 3.00-18
Rear tyre dimensions: 3.25-18
Front brakes: Expanding brake
Rear brakes: Expanding brake
Top speed: 141 km/h (87.6 mph)
Other specifications
Fuel capacity: 16.50 litres

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