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Cyclone Racer 1000

Cyclone Racer 1000 review

Cyclone was motorcycle were manufactured by Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota from 1912 through 1917. Later manufacture was moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin.Despite a brief three-year production run begun in 1912, the Cyclone, in its trademark yellow paint, is remembered as the epitome of the breed. During its short life, it was considered the fastest thing on two wheels.

In fact, Harleys own early employee and racer, Perry Mack, designed one of Americas first full overhead-valve motorcycle engines (Antique Motorcycle). Between 1910 and 1914 Macks single and V-twin OHVs powered Waverley, Kenzler-Waverley, Jefferson and Breed motorcycles that proved speedy on road and racetrack.

Cyclone Racer

The similar Pope overhead dubbed itself Champion of the Hills. Andrew Strands fabulous Cyclone motorcycle built in St. Paul, Minnesota, appeared like a brilliant flash on the horizon with stunning overhead-camshaft technology. Seventy-five years later old timers from Harley-Davidson remembered the "Yellow Peril" at Dodge City in 1915 and how it had ruled the track before limping into port with mechanical trouble. Although the Cyclone had a short-lived history, the motorcycle did receive notoriety on the board-track and dirt-track racing circuit. In 1914, a Cyclone broke the one-mile speed record perviously held by Excelsior, coming in at just over 35 seconds. Over the next few years the Cyclone won several races, earning it the nickname of the "speed demon."

The Cyclone Racer 1000 996cc 45 degree V-Twin SOHC engine was designed by an engineer named Andrew Strand, who worked for the Jackson Automobile Company in Detroit. The Cyclone engines overhead-cams were driven by a unique vertical shaft with beveled-gear ends, and the cylinder-head had a hemispherical combustion chamber. The Cyclone engine produced 45 horsepower, and was capable of a 110 mph top speed. More specs and user manual of Cyclone 1000 you can see in next overview.

Cyclone Racer
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