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Curtiss V-8

Curtiss V-8 review

The early aviation community began to seek out Curtiss because of his growing reputation for designing powerful, lightweight motorcycle engines. In 1906 he designed his first Curtiss V8 engine in response to several requests from early aeronautical experimenters. As a manufacturer and racer of motorcycles, it was only natural for Curtiss to wonder how fast he could move on a motorcycle with his V8. The Curtiss V8 motorcycle was air-cooled, producing approximately 30 to 40 hp @ 1800 rpm. The motorcycle used direct drive because a conventional chain-and-belt transmission could not withstand the power of the massive engine.

Curtiss V 8

Curtiss continued improving his engines and competing in races. In 1907 at Ormond Beach, Florida, he reached the record speed of 136 miles per hour on his motorcycle powered by a 40-horsepower V8 engine. He began to be called the fastest man alive. Thomas Baldwin, a balloonist, saw Curtiss race and recognized how good his engine was. He realized that the engine could work on an aircraft as well as on a motorcycle. He ordered one for his balloon from Curtiss, who delivered a modified motorcycle engine. In 1908, Curtiss made his first flight piloting the new airship the California Arrow, powered by a Curtiss engine. He was hooked on flying. More specs and user manual of Curtiss V8 you can see in next overview.

Curtiss V 8

Curtiss V 8

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