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Colleda 250TT

Colleda 250TT review

Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company presented the side-valve powered Colleda 250 TT motorcycle in May 1954, the first real motorcycle from Suzuki. The singlecylinder 90cc 4-stroke engine developed four horsepower and ran quite smoothly, thanks to its heavy fly wheel, attached to ignition magneto. No drivers license was needed at the time for riding the Colleda 250. The Japanese government had recently decided that no drivers license were longer needed to ride a bike with an 4-stroke engine up to 90cc or a 2-stroke engine up to 60cc.

Colleda 250 TT

That explains rather well Suzuki choice of engines for its first models on the market in 1954 - the Diamond Free motorized motorcycle with 58cc 2-stroke engine with 2 hp and the 90cc 4-stroke with 4hp. 1957 SJK Colleda and cyclemotor brochure from Japan.

Colleda 250 TT

The second bike with the dark fuel tank puzzled me a good while, it looks like its got an engine from the TT, that is very easy to recognize, but the rest of the bike looks different from any Colleda. More specs and user manual of Colleda 250 TT you can see in next overview.

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