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Britten V1000

Britten V1000 review

The Britten V1000 motorcycle was built in John Brittens backyard using only basic tools and very limited resources, the help of a few committed enthusiasts. The man responsible for designing and building the V1000 moto John Britten was born in Christchurch, in the year 50th. No big surprise then that he went on to get a degree in mechanical engineering.

Britten V 1000

Though he was always interested in motorcycles and had been working on a motorcycle design John Brittens full-time employment was actually in property development and management. So in 1992, he finally went ahead and set up the Britten Motorcycle Company, which he initially ran from a small-ish garage in his backyard. John Britten wanted to go superbike racing and so, of course, he started working on building his own racebike. And by building his own racebike, we really do mean building it himself every little bit was conceptualized, designed, machined and put together in the Britten backyard. Along with a small bunch of friends who pitched in to help, Britten put together the radical V1000 without ever giving in to conventional thought. And despite endless troubles, he just never gave up.
If it were to be unveiled by a major Japanese, German or Italian manufacturer today, the Britten V1000 moto with its pink and blue paintjob and unconventional lines would still look as radical as it did back in the early-1990s. As Britten once said in an interview, I guess Im simply free of any constraints. From its carbonfibre monocoque chassis, carbonfibre wheels and fully adjustable girder-type front suspension, to its minimalist bodywork and 8-valve, 60-degree, fuel-injected, 1000cc v-twin that made [email protected], the Britten oozed innovation and ingenuity from every pore. And yes, it was fast the 138-kilo machine could hit a top speed of 300km/h. In BoTT races in the 1990s, the Britten V1000 would thunder past Ducati 851s as if the Italian bikes were standing still. Indeed, the word awesome doesnt begin to describe the V1000s.
After he first rode the Britten V 1000, noted motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart said, an easy bike to ride, in the sense is got a very wide power delivery, but to really get top performance, you have to ride it like a grand prix bike. And that means standing it on the back wheel, rear wheel steering it around turns. More specs and user manual of Britten V 1000 you can see in next overview.

Britten V 1000

Nothing like that has happened in the motorcycle world for over half a century - it is simply not possible for "back-yarders" to field competitive machinery. But John Britten achieved his impossible dream, and the result was the greatest motorcycle in the world. Only 10 Britten V1000 bikes were ever built, and all of those are now with wealthy collectors or in museums.

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