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ABC 1919

ABC 1919 review
ABC 1919

Company A.B.C origin lays at small factory in Redbridge, about Southampton where a motor boat and aeroengines have been made before the First World War. In 1911 they moved in Brooklands to be closer to few firms which did the plane then, and soon subsequently added to their engines of flat pair a range for motorcycles and cyclecars. Full motorcycles were then are made A.B.C. Road Motors Ltd Walton, and this company also have made engines during the First World War, including a known Dragonfly, the Mosquito and the Wasp. In 1919 A.B.C. Has started to do Scootamota, one of the first motor scooters, and in 1920 new company, A.B.C. Engines Ltd have been generated to make engines, ABC 1919 motorcycles and the new easy car. ABC Scootamota Bradshaw was the innovator and in 1918, ABC has made the cross-section established flat twin engine, and in 1919 ABC also has made Scootamota - probably first mechanised "scooter". In 1920 new company, Engines ABC (1920) Ltd have been generated to make plane engines, easy cars and motorcycles, all with the plainly-pair engine developed Bradshaw. New competitors have appeared for ABC after 1920, and they have stopped to make motorcycles after 1923 though some manufacture proceeded in Germany to 1925. Other company named ABC which has not been connected with Charteris or Bradshaw, made 247cc and 269cc motorcycles with engines Villiers in Birmingham between 1922 and 1924. More specs and user manual of ABC 1919 moto you can see in next overview.

ABC 1919 ABC motorcycles.

The mark ABC motorcycle became sensation of exhibitions of 1919. The known designer has designed it in 1913, but only in 1919 it has started to be produced at last in lots by known aviation firm. It is interesting, that soon under the licence have begun its manufacture in France. Two-cylinder opposit the motorcycle engine had top the valve, established in one block with it a four-stage gear box, a duplex frame and suspenders of both wheels. The engine settled down on the acquaintance to us to the scheme: it is longitudinal in relation to a motorcycle driving direction.


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