Rudge 500 Special

Rudge 500 Special review
Rudge Special

This is the road touring model and shares virtually everything except higher compression with the racing Ulster model. Rudge Whitworth was a British manufacturing company that was very advanced for its time with innovations like 4 valve heads and brake actuation that was linked front and rear. The wheels on this motorcycle are very special as they are laced off center to add strength on the brake drum side. These innovations were very successful and made for the superior performance that enabled them to win the Isle of Mann TT several times. The company ceased manufacturing motorcycles when WWII broke out, but did survive and provided the special Rudge wheels that were found on Gullwings and Porsches. The fit and finish on this prewar bike is excellent. When astride the machine one notices the low center of gravity and lighter weight that would no doubt make this an excellent road machine. So, whether you want to just collect or ride a neat vintage bike, the opportunity to own a completed Rudge will not come along often.

Rudge Special

1938 Rudge 500 Special specifications

WM2x19 (f), WM2x19 (r). Rear, QD with taper roller bearings. Chrome rims. Rear sprocket integral with brake drum on LHS.

Inverted U section, both valanced, front with bottom splash guard. Rear with detachable main section.

‘Aero’ type petrol tank painted with lined panels with reserve tap. Single central CEE-ESS type filler with rear fitted petrol balance pipe. Two bolt damper arm fixing. . Large cut aways underneath both sides to clear rocker box.

4 valve 495cc with cast iron enclosed valve cylinder head, parallel inlet valves and parallel exhaust.18mm side plug. BTH KD1 D4 magneto and DM3G dynamo. Oil feed to cylinder.

8” front and 7.5” rear, coupled with aluminium shoes.

Miller 8” headlamp with No 832 8-0-8 'Lighthouse' ammeter and 35E rear lamp. HF180 Clearhooter electric horn.

4 speed gearbox with foot change on RHS. Aluminium oil bath chaincase with ‘R’ on dome and no separate filler on shock absorber dome.

Amal type 76/113 with Amal twist grip control.

Exhaust system:
Twin 1 3/4” low-level downpipes into barrel silencers and flared tailpipes.

Standard Fittings:
80MPH illuminated speedometer. Lycett 6B pillion pad. Mechanism shield, battery cover, licence holder, cast central stand with lifting handle. 7/8” handlebars. Single toolbox fitted to RHS of machine. Steering damper and handwheel operated fork shock absorber. Round tubed forks.

Upswept exhaust pipes. ISDT rear wheel. Blue or Maroon paint finish to mudguards & petrol tank only. Chromium plated panel tank.

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