Rudge TT Replica

Rudge TT Replica review

Rudge Whitworth Cycles was a British bicycle, bicycle saddle, motorcycle and sports car wheel manufacturer that resulted from the merger of two bicycle manufacturers in 1894: Whitworth Cycle Co of Birmingham, founded by Charles Henry Pugh and Rudge Cycle Co of Coventry.

Technically, the Rudge TT Replica was an over-the-counter racer offered for the first time for the 1931 season. Rudge had something to celebrate after the 1930 Isle of Man TT races, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Junior TT with a full radial design straight from the drawing board, and 1st and 2nd places in the Senior TT with a more conventional 4-valve pent-roof design.

Rudge TT Replica

In 1931 Rudge released its first 250 cc and 350 cc road machines with the radial-valve layout. TT Replicas were available in 350 cc and 500 cc. The parallel-valve 500 cc was also available in Special and Ulster models, the Ulster now having a 100 mph guarantee. First and second were taken in the 1931 Lightweight TT, and in 1932, second and third.

A radial-head 500 cc was produced for 1932 only. A 250 cc TT Replica was built, and the road bikes were fitted with proper oil bath primary chains, and a stand that could be operated "with just one finger”. More specs and user manual of TT Replica you can see in next overview.

Rudge TT Replica
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