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How to remove speed limiter from your motorbike!

How to remove speed limiter from your motorbike!

Speed limiter is a programme installed in vehicle control unit. It reads out engine sensors. Ususally these are: RPM sensor, transmission and speed sensors. Based on algorithm and parameters, the programme decides, whether to limit the speed or not: the control unit turns a special mode, which does not allow the engine to gain RPM.

There are 3 ways to remove motorcycle speed limiter:

1. Switch on the secret operational mode of control unit

To push up sales, many manufacturers act not really honest - they swith off the speed limiting programme in control unit by implementing physical alterations in motorcycle's electronics. In other words, you can just cut off the wire or install a partition. Then the manufacturers intentionally make the "data leakage", which gains the advantage over rivals. So, THERE IS a speed limiter, but it can be easily switched off. And if the buyer will have to choose between 2 similar motorcycles, when it is easy to remove a speed limiter in the first one, and impossible to do so in the second, he/she might pick up the first bike without second thought.

How to remove speed limiter from your motorbike!

2. Chip (ECU) tuning

Like cars, the motorcycles are also equipped with electronic control units. Computer runs special programme, which is installed in read-only memory (ROM) integrated in ECU. The ROM is the chip, which is tuned: first, the programme is downloaded from ROM and altered. Then it is uploaded back, but with speed limiting function switched off.

How to remove speed limiter from your motorbike!

3. Additional devices

This must be the easises way of motorcycle speed limiter removal. The programme, which contains the speed limiter in ECU takes decisions basing on sensors readings. So, if you install device tricking the ECU by delivering false data, but keeping full operational capability of electronics and the speed limiter offline (there will be no conditions in ECU for speed limiter activation).

How to remove speed limiter from your motorbike!

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    kailash bhandari
    12 November 2017 12:39
    Will you tell me how to remove Honda livo speed limit
    2 February 2018 20:14
    Quote: kailash bhandari
    Will you tell me how to remove Honda livo speed limit
    28 October 2018 22:05
    hey, is it possible to remove the rpm limiter on daelim roadwin vj125? if yes then could you please help me do it? thanks!