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How to replace brake fluid on motorcycle?


It is recommended to replace a brake fluid evfery 2 years. We won't go into detail and there will be no Chemistry lesson, but the reason of why should we replace it simple: brake fluid is hygroscopical (water absorbing), which leads to reduction of its qualities, brakes become smooth and unpredictable. Biker's life directly depends on brake system. That's why its replacement is one of the most important in motorbike's repair.

To replace a brake fluid, you'll need:
- hose pipe (or small silicone tubes;
- spanner 10/12;
- glass can 1L (or bottle);
- turnscrew;
- new brake fluid.

Usually, fluid DOT 4 is used on current Japanese motorcycles, but there can be fluid of type DOT 3 on your motorcycle. To identify the type of brake fluid on your motorcycle, look at brake fluid tank or brake hose of your motorcycle, it is specified there. The expansion tank is usually placed next to twist grip throttle on a front brake circuit.

Start replacing fluid with front circuit of brake system.

1. Pour 2 cm of new brake liquid in glass can and unscrew expansion tank.

2. One end of silicone tube connect to stub dual, another place in can with brake liquid (to avoid air inleakage of brake system).

How to replace brake fluid on motorcycle?

3. Pulling a brake lever, oust used liquid from brake system into can and constantly adding new fluid to expansion tank.

How to replace brake fluid on motorcycle?

4. When a nebulous liquid and air (no bubbles in silicone tube) don't come out of system, close the stub dual, but not too firmly.

How to replace brake fluid on motorcycle?

5. Close the expansion tank.

Rear brake fluid replacement is similar to the front.

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