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How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

In many cases, for spark plugs replacement, it is enough to have a plug socket head (with additional elastic rubber insert or magnetic plug socket head, which is better) in set with ratchet gearing and a device for checking and adjustment of spark-plug gaps. There is a special tool for disconnecting of high-voltage wire lugs from plug edge, but it is not necessary. If you use a torque wrench, this will allow you an optimal level of plug tightening in engine cylinders of your motorcycle.

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

It would be best to have an extra set of spark plugs in you motorcycle or car with correctly adjusted gaps. If you buy new plugs, make sure they fit for the engine of your motorcycle. All necessary information and specifications are mentioned in user manual.

Remove the spark plug only when engine fully cools down. But don't waste your time, use this pause to check the condition of new set of plugs. Inspect them carefully, If there are cracks on the insulator, put the damaged plug aside.

Check the electrode gap by placing a relevant probe in it. The gap must meet all requirements, mentioned in user manual. The neccessary probe must slip between electrodes with a small resistance. The gap adjustment must be performed with a specific tool, which is a part of measuring instrument.

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

If the side electrode is not precisely above the central - adjust it to the center. Make sure that there is no cracks on plug's ceramic insulator. Such damages are unacceptable.

Spark plugs replacement

1. The maintenace of spark plugs must be done individually to avoid ignition order breakdown. Disconnect wire from plug in first cylinder. Pull only a plug metal segment. Don't pull the wire in any case!!! It is recommended to use a special tool.

2. If you have a compressor within reach, use it for remuving dust from niche for spark plugs. You can also use a pump.

3. Unscrew the spark plug.

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

4. Check the plug for damages. This will allow to estimate condition and work of the engine.

Installation of spark plugs

1. Before installing new spark plugs lightly lubricate their screw thread with anti-dazin sealer. Manually engage one of the plugs.

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

2. With compound motion, connect wire to plug's end.

Before connecting wires, check the condition of plugs.

3. Repeat this procedure for the rest of plugs, make one at the time to avoid ignition order breakdown.

How to replace spark plugs on motorcycle?

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