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How to replace a CVT belt on scooter


Under normal conditions, if the belt is placed correctly and it is of hihg quality, it can endure 6 000 km or more.

Drive style and long downtime of scooter also have an impact on CVT belt resource. But still, it is recommended to check its condition every 2000 km.

How to replace a CVT belt on scooter

Visually, it is easy to determine the CVT belt wear out syptoms. First, the worn out belt sometimes slips (but it can slip because of depressing spring of driven pulley), which reduces scooter's dynamics. Ieve if the belt doesn't slip, chack it anyway: if there are cracks, then the belt can fail soon enough. Cracks can be lateral (belt flaking) and transverse (scattering).

If the cracks are not visible, then check also the belt's width. On the face side, there must be stated its minimal wifth. Measure belr's width, and if it is less than minimum allowed - replace it.

How to replace a CVT belt on scooter

Thereare also low quality belts, which start scattering after 3000 km or even less, especially overlay. It spreads as fluff obstructing all gaps and holes inside variator. This also must be eliminated.

It is not so hard to replace a CVT belt, often you don't even have to dismantle a whole variator. But if CVT belt fails on the way, it'll cause a lot of trouble. If it fails on the move, shaft adjustable jaw gets out of control, and this leads to flyweight break up. You won't be able to unscrew variator fastening nut without special wrench in road conditions. In garage gas wrench will do. So, usually with such failure scooters must be towed.

How to replace a CVT belt on scooter

When you install the belt, make sure that its size is fitting for your scooter! If you install CVT belt of unsuitable size - the least failure that can happen to your csooter will be reduction of maximum speed and acceleration. Even belt of highest quality, but of wrong size will serve less than one of low quality, but of suitable size. Wider belt can be torn any moment, because it can easily clipp over jaws. More narrow belt may be not firm enough. CVT belt should be measured manually, because even with necessary marking, size can vary up to 2 mm.

For CVT belt replacement you'll need such tools: specific or gas wrench, wrench for variator cap removal, hammer, pliers and screwdriver.

CVT belt replacement


Unscrew the bolts fixing variator cap from both sides.

Carefully remove the cap and one-way clutch of a starter.

Unscrew the bolt of centrifugal clutch. Then you'll ned a helper, who can strongly press on rear part of scooter compressing the shock absorber and simultaneously pulled rear brake.

To remove CVT belt, draw apart clutch pulleys. After that, push the belt to base.

How to replace a CVT belt on scooter

Installation of CVT belt

Check belt's direction before the installation (it must be marked with arrows on belt). If there are no arrows, then the belt can be installed in any direction. After installation, place everything in back order.

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