Vincent Rapide Series C

Vincent Rapide Series C review

The Vincent Rapide Series C motorcycle bolstered the Vincent reputation to new heights especially with innovations such as twin carbs and exhaust pointing forward rear cylinder V-Twin. Most of this engineering wizard was concealed by the petrol tank. With no frame to hold the engine, it appeared that the engine was now suspended in mid air with no visible means of support. It was in 44-th that Vincent dealerships started to emerge in the USA.

Vincent Rapide Series C

The dealerships liked the bikes, they were big, powerful and fitted the American idealistic dream. The Vincents reputation went before it when one such bike endured many miles of trouble free riding. However, early gearbox problems with a few bikes did knock some of the shine off the image and these problems were not fully resolved until 53-th when a new lightweight shifter was designed. Vincent motorcycles were reliable but nobody likes problems and mud sticks, in 2 more years it would all be over.

Vincent Rapide Series C

The Rapid Series A motorcycles was known as the plumber nightmare because of the jungle of oil tubes feeding the engine and was not the most desirable motorcycle of the Vincent Rapide line-up. Post war Series B to Series D were much more oil tight and more dependable in every way. The Rapide`s cousin, the Black Shadow had minor engine differences that developed 10 more horsepower and was dubbed the worlds fastest standard motorcycle in production at 125mph. More specs and user manual of Vincent Rapide you can see in next overview.

Vincent Rapide Series C
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